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Lenna plays on August-Bluus Festival

The day has come, where Lenna will perform on August-Bluus Festival in Haapsalu. This festival will show a different side of the Estonian singers Birgit Varjun, Dave Benton, Emil Rutiku, Silver Laas and Lenna Kuurmaa. The artists will sing accompanied by a brass band and in a band of 16 members. Lenna says to Ohtuleht that she believes that today's people can have fun with Blues-music. Today there will be the concert with Lenna at 10.30 p.m. (Estonian time).
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Lenna played on some concerts

Lenna and her band had some gigs in the last days. On 31 July they played on "EMT Summer days" in Vaibla. You can find the photos from Henri Jõesalu here.

But there were another big gig. Lenna had the chance to perform as a supporting band on the concert of the internationally known artist "Mika". He had chosen Lenna a few days before the concert. Lenna and her band played songs like "Musta pori näkku", "Tigedad liblikad" and "Saatus naerdes homse toob", which is actually not on the album but a song of Lenna. There are photos from Meelis Tomson here and a video below.


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