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Katrin speaks about her job and the band

On Ohtuleht's website there appeared a new article yesterday. She says there that luckily there are still the weekends with some freetime but even those are getting overwhelmed with work now. Compared to last summer there is no much difference, but she also detects that she has less off-time than before. Ohtuleht wants to know, what has happened with her artistically career. She says: "In the past I played piano and wrote stories at home. But now I am bound to do those things in a narrowed time than before." For the future of the band she can also say that she already writes songs for it but there is no certain date of time when they will work as a band together again. The interview can be watched as a video below.

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5.8.10 11:53

Piret on Martin Saar-exhibiton

On Thursday, July 29 Piret and Kalle went to the exhibition "Don't believe everything you think" of Martin Saar. The event took place in Solaris Shopping Center in Tallinn. The popular artist, Martin Saar, who lives in New York but grew up in Tallinn, welcomed Piret and her fiancé personally. The exhibition still continues. There are pictures of the meeting. You can see them by clicking on the link of the photographer.

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31.7.10 10:31

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