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Piret in "Anne & stiil"

In the latest issue of "Anne & stiil"-magazine there is an article about Piret and Kallervo Karu. It says that Piret and Kallervo moved 40 km from Estonia's capital, Tallinn. Piret suits their new home, which is more out of town, very well, because they can live less stressful and more relaxed there. The countryside, the country air and the beauty of the forests and animals is a peaceful and good place for Piret and Kalle to be. "I feel happy here. And the sounds of the nature lead to an relaxed entrance into the day.", says Piret. The moving was not only because of the recovering, but also because of our love. "Now we're 100% ourselves and we can concentrate on each others.", says Piret to Anne & stiil. Of course they still want to come to the city for working and excursions.


Source:,     Photo credits: Elu veinimoisas

29.7.10 16:25

Lenna's new video

The video for Lennas new song "Kogu tõde jüriööst?" from Lennas album was released yesterday in ETV's TV-Show "Eesti TOP 7". Watch it below. Thanks to bigproblem11 for uploading it.

Lenna - Kogu tõde jüriööst
Hochgeladen von bigproblem11.

Source:,     Photo credits: Aron Urb
27.7.10 20:02

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